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Summer, vacations and photos


Summer is a time of vacations, reunions, and celebrations with family and friends. Summer is joy, sunshine, beaches, travels, and outings. Vacations  is a time to create memories, a time to take photographs to immortalize moments and weave stories.

Upon returning from vacations and as summer draws to a close, it’s time to return to the routine of daily life, with memories to share and hundreds of photographs to illustrate each adventure. Organizing these memories is essential to relive and share the special moments you experienced.

  1. Make an Initial Selection – Selecting the best images and leaving behind the less favorable ones is crucial. Before you start organizing your photos, take some time to make an initial selection. Delete blurry, duplicated, or insignificant photos. This will already reduce the number of photos you need to organize and streamline the storage process.


Make an Initial Selection


  1. Create Folders by Destination or Activity – An effective way to organize your photos is by creating folders based on the different destinations or activities you engaged in during your vacations. For example, if you visited Lisbon and went on a bike tour, create separate folders for “Lisbon” and “Bike Tour.” This will make it easier to locate photos later on.


Create Folders by Destination or Activity


  1. Rename Files– Avoid leaving your photos with generic names like “IMG_001.” Give descriptive names to the files, such as “Belem-Tower-1.jpg” . This will help quickly identify the content of each photo.


Rename Files


  1. Organize by Date – For easier organization, arrange your photos in folders or albums chronologically. This allows you to relive your vacations in the order they occurred.
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Organize by Date


  1. Create a Backup – Don’t underestimate the importance of creating backups for your organized photos. Use cloud storage services, external hard drives, or other solutions to ensure the safety of your precious memories.


Create a Backup


  1. Create Digital Albums – Take your organization a step further by creating themed digital albums. These albums can tell a more comprehensive story of your vacations, from planning to returning home. Photobooks are a modern take on the classic photo album. With customizable designs and layouts, you can create a unique book that tells the story of your special moments. Photobooks are a great way to preserve memories . Sunpics is the best choice for creating your photobook. Take your creativity to the limit with Sunpics, play with themes, layouts, colors, quickly and intuitively. The best photobook is with Sunpics.


Create Digital Albums


Organizing your photos at the end of your vacations not only keeps your memories alive but also makes it easier to share these special moments with friends and family. By following these tips and using organizational tools, you’ll be creating a well-structured and easily accessible memory archive, allowing these memories to continue shining throughout the years.

And don’t forget, when you’re storing away all the memories of a fantastic summer, Sunpics is the only right choice.

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