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Why our clients love AREAL MEDIA

About us

Areal Media specializes in Software Development to the global photographic and printing market.

We are able to achieve our goals on account of our human resources. Our departments of Development, Helpdesk, and Sales regard the client and client satisfaction as their main concern.

We have been operating in the market for 20 years and our sustained growth has only been possible thanks to our clients’ success.

Areal-Media holds certification according to the ISO 9001 standard.

We intend to carry on growing and generate satisfaction for all our bunisess partners, clients, and their respective end customers.

Areal Media developed SUNPICS.

SUNPICS is a cloud-based solution using HTML5 technology with a powerful back-office to create all types of printing and printable products – photobooks, calendars, canvases, multi-cavanses, posters, gifts, prints, etc…​

SUNPICS are used by printers and photographic labs, as a B2C, B2B, or B2B2C solution.

The software is installed according to each clients design standards, alongside a backoffice and production workflow.

We provide all the necessary training so that our customers may create their own produtcs, templates, campaigns, etc…

We can also develop custom requests to be integrated with SUNPICS software. ​

A Help Desk is available through our ticket system.

Continuous updates and software improvements guaranteed to all our clients. ​

What we do

Our vision​

Beyond the knowledge – This signature illustrates our business attitude – we continuously strive to surpass ourselves, always learning more, creating more intuitive and functional tools, and thus generating value over time for our clients.

Our clients of tomorrow are our current clients augmented by new ones – Loyalty and New Business.​

Our vision of international expansion is no less important.

Our office

Our office

Our office

Our office

Our office

Our office

Our office

Our office

Our office

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Our office is located in the city of Braga near the train station. From there, five minutes by car and perhaps three minutes for a crow. It is a just a stone’s throw away from the gas station. We would love to talk about how we can grow your photo-finishing business online.
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Avenida Cónego Jorge Peixoto Coutinho nº 126 1º Maximinos,

Tel.: +351 253 181 150
(call to the national landline network)

The cost of communications depends on the tariff agreed with your operator.

E-mail: info@arealmedia.com

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