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Easter eggs

It’s impossible to talk about Easter without mentioning eggs, the kings of this festive season. The tradition of Easter eggs has its roots in ancient pagan cultures, where the egg was a symbol of rebirth and fertility,  celebrating the beginning of spring.

The earliest peoples used colored eggs, which they exchanged as a gesture of hope and renewal, believing that the egg represented rebirth after winter. Christian culture adopted this symbolism, and the egg became part of Easter celebrations.


From colored eggs, we moved to delicious chocolate eggs. French pastry chefs originated these delights by filling emptied chicken eggs with chocolate and painting them on the outside. Initially, the eggs were solid and expensive, becoming a luxury reserved for the wealthiest classes.

With chocolate eggs, a new tradition emerged, with parents hiding eggs in gardens for children to find at Easter time.

With improved technologies from the late 19th century, chocolate eggs entirely made of chocolate became widespread, still used today.


Egg hunt


ArealMedia office, it was invaded by playful rabbits who hid chocolate eggs everywhere. The team was all excited and could hardly wait to jump out of their chairs. The Easter egg hunt was about to begin.

Everyone got up, rushing around the office, eggs were searched for everywhere, under desks, in cabinets, drawers, inside plants, and unusual places.

Everyone wanted to find the most eggs and rush to the bell, which had to be rung energetically.

When the last egg was found and the bell rang for the last time, everyone gathered in the break room for a moment of socializing and sweetness with the sharing of a typical Portuguese Easter treat, “pão de ló” (sponge cake).




In conclusion, after many laughs and shared stories, everyone returned to work, leaving behind the energy of a moment of camaraderie, fun, and unity among the entire Sunpics team.

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