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5 Tips for a Unique Wedding Album

The wedding day is a special moment in any couple’s life, and the photo album is a unique and wonderful way to remember that day forever. However, creating a wedding album can be a challenging task, especially if we don’t have much experience in design or photography.
Nevertheless, creating a unique album that reflects your story is not an impossible mission. Here are five important tips to help you create an incredible wedding álbum.



  1. Tell your story

The wedding album is a visual narrative that tells the story of one of the most special days of your life. Start by creating the story you want to tell in your mind. Think about what happened during the day, how you lived each hour of that unforgettable day, the most emotional and fun moments, the ones that only you know are special. Creating a story will help you choose the best photos. By

creating a story, you can choose the photos that best fit each moment of the story and create a cohesive, attractive album that tells a unique story.


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With Sunpics, you can choose the layout that best tells your story.


  1. Choose the photos that you love.

Selecting photos for your wedding album, don’t just choose those that are technically perfect. Choose the photos that capture the most important and emotional moments of your day, the photos that move you the most, that make your heart beat faster. In your album, you can also include amateur photos taken by friends, as long as they make sense for the couple. These are the photos that will make your album special and unique.

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Sunpics allows you to easily select your favorite photos. Image uploads are fast and can be done from your phone, computer, or social media.


  1. Value your naturalness

Although some staged photos may be necessary, it is important that the wedding album captures the naturalness and spontaneity of the day. Make sure your photographer captures true moments, genuine smiles, tears of emotion, and spontaneous laughter.

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With Sunpics, you have a wide range of materials and textures to choose from for the cover and box of your album, from the most sophisticated to the most natural.


  1. Think outside the box

There are no rules when it comes to creating a wedding album. So think outside the box! Don’t be afraid to try different layouts, photo sizes, colors, effects, etc. Take risks with details, they will make the “book of your wedding” unique. Choose a cover with a different coating, introduce small texts that describe the moment, use and abuse glitter, creativity has no limits. A wedding album is a reflection of who you are as a couple, so do something that reflects your personality and style.


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With Sunpics, you’ll be able to push your creativity to the limit and think outside the box, with unexpected layouts, paper, boxes, and covers.


  1. Choose carefully who will print your álbum

Finally, make sure you choose a quality printing company to produce your wedding album. The quality of the print can make all the difference in the final result. Choose a company that uses cutting-edge technology, quality printers, to ensure that your album looks its best.

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When choosing the best professionals, photographer, and lab, ask if they work with the SUNPICS software. If the answer is positive, you will have the guarantee of having a special album. SUNPICS offers photography professionals a huge variety of options for pagination, covers, paper type, etc.

With SUNPICS, your wedding album will have unique details that will surprise your family and friends. SUNPICS, the software that helps produce quality, personalized, and unique wedding albums. SUNPICS guarantees that every detail of your wedding album is perfect.

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Thanks to Sunpics, you’ll have the best wedding album ever. “Sunpics will be your best help to have a dream album, in an easy, fast, creative, and intuitive way.”

SUNPICS – Create your story.

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