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5 tips: photos at Christmas and New Year’s parties

Christmas and New Year's parties


Christmas is a time of twinkling lights, vibrant colors, and infectious smiles, making it the perfect backdrop to capture unforgettable moments. If you want to take truly enchanting Christmas photos, here are five fail-safe tips that will turn your shots into lasting treasures.

  1. Make Use of Proper Lighting

Lighting is crucial for any photograph, and during Christmas, lights play a pivotal role. Make the most of natural light whenever possible. If shooting indoors, position yourself near windows to capture soft light. At night, play with the lights from the Christmas tree and decorations to create a warm and magical ambiance.


Proper Lighting


  1. Look for Charming Details

Don’t just focus on traditional portraits. Detail shots can be equally captivating. Explore decorative ornaments, colorful baubles on the tree, the wrapping of presents, or even the eager smiles as they prepare to unwrap gifts. Little details can tell big stories.


Charming Details


  1. Capture Genuine Expressions and Emotions

The best Christmas photos capture authentic and genuine moments. Encourage people to act naturally and be ready to capture spontaneous expressions. Be patient and attentive to moments of laughter, hugs, and interactions among family and friends. These photos convey the true essence of the Christmas spirit.


Expressions and Emotions


  1. Experiment with Creative Angles

Vary your angles to add visual interest to your photographs. Try shooting from top to bottom to capture a table full of Christmas delicacies, or crouch down to photograph children admiring gifts under the tree. Playing with angles can result in unique and memorable images.


Creative Angles


  1. Don’t Forget Post-Processing
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Post-processing can elevate your photos to another level. Use editing apps or software to adjust brightness, contrast, and colors, but remember to maintain balance to not lose the authenticity of the scene. Small touch-ups can make a big difference in the final quality of the image.



During Christmas, the most important thing is to cherish the moment and the company of those around you and to capture, in photographs, those spontaneous gestures of friendship and affection. At the end of the Christmas celebrations, Sunpics will be your ally in immortalizing all these moments.


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